Masterclass Fashion 3D

Fashion 3D – A Masterclass on digital textile fabrication


I seek people that are motivated to innovate, implement new technologies in their work and have the vision of how digital fabrication immerses in the current industry to transform it. In order to move forward from an idea to practice, I want to combine groups of thinkers, makers and scientifics.“
Anastasia Pistofidou


3D Druckzentrum Ruhr is offering the chance for professional artists and creative innovators to get their hands on cutting edge knowledge and meet other professional of adjacent fields to foster new skills and enhance their mastery.


As a seven-day masterclass, there are slots for ten professionals to take part in the event. Led by a master in the field of creation and technology the group is going to create a unique new piece of craft and knowledge. The programme is hosted by 3D Druckzentrum Ruhr, a facility which offers a sublime place where a relaxed atmosphere and 21th century technology provide a creative environment. As an incubator for technology and art it is a place where future knowledge is found. The facility includes a lab space, which offers all equipment for fast realization of any idea.


The creation of fashion and textiles through use of digital technology is an exciting field where tailoring meets digital fabrication. Masters of Grasshopper for Rhino, a prime digital creation tool, use their skills to create real word objects with the help of 3D-printing. Traditional fashion designers bring new edges to their craft with the help of digital tools to create forms not possible before.


The masterclass fosters the dialogue inside the interdisciplinary team to get new perspectives on the matter. New sparkling ideas become reality through hands-on and practical work with machinery and systems.